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BGR Headband Wig

$199.99 $259.99
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It’s time to give your edges a break! A BGR Headband Wig is the perfect wig to achieve a natural, easy going look! Easy to dress up and dress down, the BGR Headband Wig will save your edges, and your time! Available lengths in 16”, 20” and 24”!


*Headband wig has a black band, models are wearing a band overtop to display versatility*


Why You Will Love It!

🧚🏽 High quality grade A Body Wave hair in 1B that retains its curl pattern with proper maintenance 

🧚🏽 Headband is made with a soft, delicate fabric that stretches generously and can fit any head size

🧚🏽 No glue, tape, or gel required!

🧚🏽 Install takes 1-10 minutes, max