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Double Lined Adjustable Bonnet (Kids)

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Our little ones are growing so fast so why not have a bonnet that grows with them! Prioritize the health of your muchkins hair with our BGR Double Lined Adjustable Bonnets. Get double the cuteness with these reversible bonnets and perfectly size them to any head shape with our intuitive drawstring. 

Why You Will Love It!

🧚🏽 Made from smooth glossy satin materials for maximum protection and reduce frizz

    🧚🏽 Cushiony non-slip elastic headband so you wake up with your bonnet still on!

    🧚🏽 Prevents dust, lint, and other unwanted particles from getting entangled in your hair

    🧚🏽 Keep hair products off your pillows & retain hairstyle longevity 

    🧚🏽 Easy to wash 

    🧚🏽 Adjustable drawstring